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Boxer Rescue of Virginia - emergency room photo: Honeybear 1 Boxer Rescue of Virginia - emergency room photo: Honey Bear Paw Injury Boxer Rescue of Virginia - emergency room photo: Honeybear Shoulder Injury Boxer Rescue of Virginia - emergency room photo: Honeybear Leg Injury

On September 25, 2003 a very young, thin fawn female boxer was found on the side of the road. She was bedded down in a grassy area near a few shrubs. Lucky for her two Good Samaritans stopped to help her. She had been hit by a car and left to fend for herself. The young woman, who first stopped to help, had been on her way to work, but would’t pass by this helpless dog. Even if it meant going without pay that day.

As soon as she walked toward her, the dog stood up and began licking the young woman’s face. Her big brown eyes related their own special “Thank you”. She never attempted to snap or bite at the woman, even though she was in obvious pain.

While the first Samaritan was putting the dog into her car, another car pulled in behind her and asked if she needed help. She explained that she had found the dog by the side of the road, but had no money and didn’t know what to do next. She couldn’t leave her, knowing she needed help. The two women took the dog to a close-by Veterinary Hospital.

The veterinary staff, immediately began work on the dog’s injuries, while the second Good Samaritan contacted Boxer Rescue and Adoption, who agreed to accept the dog as a rescue and support the veterinary work. The Good Samaritan paid that initial vet bill, but because of the extent of her injuries, the dog now named Honeybear, was sent on to the emergency 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital where she spent her first night. The second vet bill also was paid by the Good Samaritan, who will receive a acknowledgement, a tax deductible charitable donation in the sum of $1,151.05 that she contributed towards Honeybear’s recovery.

By the dryness of the wounds, the vet later guessed that the injuries had happened two or more days previously, before someone stopped to help.

After several days at the emergency vet, with the bill rapidly growing, arrangements were made to transfer the dog to the Light Street Animal Hospital, in Baltimore Md. for her continuing care. Honeybear has been there since October 1, 2003. The medical cost of her treatments is ongoing and she will have a lengthy recovery. Boxer Rescue will be there for her. She will be spayed before leaving the hospital and will be fostered long term until recovered sufficiently to go to her new home.

This little Boxer Angel, and others like her, need more than good wishes. Donations to Boxer Rescue and Adoption, Inc. help save Boxers like Honey Bear and many others that don’t need extraordinary veterinary care. Your donations help pay for food, bedding, toys, collars, leashes, medications, vaccines, and all the other things needed by rescued dogs. Donations are tax deductible. Any amount you can donate would be very much appreciated. Please donate through Pay Pal or by sending a check to Boxer Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

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