Boxer Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

Want to Help Boxer Rescue?

Here are some ways...

We would love to have more foster homes. Most people cannot foster, but there are other ways to help.

Do mention rescue to those looking for a puppy. Share the knowledge that Rescues can help find homes for unwanted, un cared for, and unloved Boxers. Let people know that there are rescues for, not just Boxers, but for all breeds and many other animals. Relate your experiences with rescue dogs and tell people that a rescue is a good source of information about a particular breed, without pressuring you to buy that pup.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to Boxer Rescue, to help pay for veterinary and food bills, buy crates and bedding, water buckets, collars and leashes, treats and toys, and all the other things rescues need.

Tell people that Boxer Rescue and Adoption, Inc. is a member of the Combined Federal Campaign, #54166. People can donate through the Combined Federal Campaign or to the United Way and other work place charities. If donating to the United Way, they will need to supply the name and address of our organization. Please contact us for more information at

Keep an eye out for Boxers in need. Check newspaper ads for Boxers, posted ads about Boxers that are “free to a good home", and Boxers that are in danger by being neglected or abused. Inform people!

If people really do want to buy a puppy, warn them not to purchase pups from pet stores or over the Internet, as these pups usually come from puppy mills where the breeding dogs are usually kept in deplorable conditions and bred until they are discarded as no longer profitable. Instead educate them about where pet store puppies come from and have them contact rescue for the names of reputable breeders. Reputable breeders are those that will perform health checks on their dogs and try to breed to the American Boxer Club standard.

Volunteer to help with fund raising efforts and special events. Gather donations for future events.

Donate snap apart collars, 6 ft. leashes, bedding, blankets and/or comforters. Donate a bag of dog food or treats (check with us as to what kind we need, though, as changing a dogs diet can cause GI upsets) or donate money as we get items exempt from taxes. Boxers love new toys! Our Boxers love volunteers who will walk them, play with them and just spend time loving them. If you need a boxer fix, come visit our rescues!

Volunteer to help give baths and do toe nails.

Refuse to spend a nickel in a pet store that sells puppies or kittens. Protest fund raisers that use puppies as auction items or raffle prizes. Do not support people or businesses that obviously don’t have the best interest of animals at heart.

If you hear of someone who “rescues” animals, but is really a collector, report them to animal control. These animals are not rescued, and do not get proper care.

If you would like more information on how to help rescue, email us! We will be more than happy to share other suggestions. Thank you so much for considering to help Boxers in need!

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