Boxer Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

Rescue Tails

Lately, Boxer Rescue has been swamped with dogs. The story is always the same. The dog is not crate trained, not obedience trained, and sometimes, not even housebroken. There are the strays from the shelters; give ups left at the veterinarian's office; the discards of the "I'm moving" crowd. There are the owners, who didn't realize that a well trained dog is a joy, but YOU are the one who does the training!!!! Many of the dogs come into rescue painfully thin and totally undisciplined. They arrive at boot camp! While here, they begin crate and obedience training, and learning how to be an acceptable new family member. It isn't easy, and it can be very discouraging, since the same problems arise, time and time again.

If you'd like to help rescue, and can't foster a boxer, there are other ways to help. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me and ask what you can do. Good help is always needed, and very much appreciated.

Now, just for fun, take a look at my friends' home after her little darlings did their dastardly deeds! If this isn't a reason to crate train, you'll never have one! Time has passed and her dogs are trustworthy and wonderful. Maureen and Greg love them dearly, but there was a time.... when they were almost their last boxers! See the havoc and destruction that two boxers can create, and don't tell us that the cat did it! Congratulations! Turning into two wonderful, well behaved boxers, that have free run of the house is such an improvement.

Boxer Rescue of Virginia - photo of destruction to home caused by untrained boxers

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