Boxer Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

In loving memory of those Rescues now at the Bridge.

Mimsy became homeless at twelve. Because of her age, everyone knew she'd be dead soon, so she was never adopted. Mims went to the Bridge at age fifteen! She was a joy for the three years we had her. Although many people don't want to risk the heartache of adopting an old dog, those who have, find them a joy. They are usually so mellow and gentle. Their soft gray faces are a testament to a long life. Mimsy was truly a pleasure for us. We enjoyed her for her remaining years.

Keisha joined Mims at the bridge, on 12/13/99, when her loving heart gave up its final fight to boxer cardiomyopathy.

My Jet has been gone for many years. He was always my joy, from the moment he was born. He wasn't a rescue, but looked after many of them. He died of boxer cardiomyopathy, but I was still blessed to have had him, as he lived eleven years and four months. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful and handsome boxer.

It is with great sadness that I must add Bixby to this list now. Andrea's beloved brindle boxer, Bixby, joined Keisha at the bridge on April 24, 2002. Boxer cardiomyopathy took its toll on his heart. He will be in good company. He had a wonderful life, when he was adopted by Andrea. He found love and the comfort of a good home for the first time, when he was five years old. His first companion was Keisha, and later, Lucy. Now that he has joined Keisha at the Bridge, they will again share the pleasures of each other's company.

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